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Tomiris Shyngyssova

Innovator, Visual Designer, Illustrator, Goofball

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Pick me because

I want to help make something extraordinary by all measures, absolute in its kind with the team I'm in. I want to have great time, talks, and fun along the way. I do everything I can to make our time and work the best we or anyone has had or made.

Federico Yniguez

Graphic Designer

Los Angeles, CA

Pick me because

I'm the best applicant because I have a thirst for design and a will to tell my story without reservations. I want to change the design industry and challenge what is acceptable through my intersectionalities.

Craig Hedges

Visual Designer

Lansing, Michigan

Pick me because

With 7 different groups in six months, adaptability is key. I’ve done projects in journalism, branding, advertising, graphic design, and production. I’d do anything to break into the larger markets and move to a big city. I’ll bring a Midwest work ethic to the shops across the globe.

Fredrik Masulo Wickberg

Designer & Creative Strategist

Stockholm, Sweden

Pick me because

I will definetly do things differently than most people.

Sophie Adam

Aspiring Art Director

Melbourne, Australia

Pick me because

“50 words” I pay close attention to detail.

Jamae Lucas

Brand Strategist

Greensboro, NC, USA

Pick me because

I am not afraid to ask questions. My curiosity has inspired companies, clients, and colleagues to push past their parameters and explore unexpected possibilities. I’m also known for leading from the middle, meaning I easily communicate common goals from seemingly disconnected ideas and ensure everyone feels seen, heard, and understood.

Yuxuan Wu

Visual Designer

New York

Pick me because

One of the best joys of being creative is learning new things. I would like to describe myself as a soft and fresh mud, ability plus flexible with potentials, and highly adaptable. Along with the time pass and experience accumulated, I would form into its own unique shape.

Andre Gomez

Graphic Designer, Photographer

Orange County, California

Pick me because

As a designer and photographer I understand the disciplines that is required to make great work that stands out and transforms; Texture, color, form, usability, branding, experimentation and play, teamwork and collaboration, and of course, a drive to make it happen. Behind every decision is a motive.

Suranart "Ta" Kasitipradit

Motion and Visual Designer

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pick me because

Energy and Information, Thailand and New York, Creativity and Mindfulness, Respectful but Loud, Humble but Proud.

Georgy Avakov

Transdisciplinary Hustler

San Francisco, California, United States

Pick me because

My graduate program and the Covid era’s relative seclusion encouraged unlimited reading, thought experiments, and the development of a philosophy that I can’t wait to apply in larger settings. It’s like spending hours at the most bountiful farmers’ market, and finding an invitation to the world’s greatest collaborative kitchen.