Takudzwa Gwindingwi

Graphic Designer
South Africa
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I am a 24-year-old kick ass designer from Zimbabwe. Who, despite coming from an underprivileged position, has worked hard to obtain an Honors degree in Creative Brand Communication. Visual communication has been my passion for as long as I can remember. My biggest inspiration, Chaz Madivane-Davies, taught me through his work that visual communication matters. What we do has the power to change the world; to change peoples lives. He used his talents to inform the world about the tyranny imposed on Zimbabwean citizens by the government. My purpose in life is to change at least one persons life through my work. I have made simmilar work that speaks on issues I have personally experienced. Issues such as xenophobia and police brutality. In the hope to work with brands like Apple, Tesla, Nike, Uniliver and more who share a similar purpose to me. Besides the work, I am way less funnier than I think I am. I enjoy traveling and poetry because they allow me to see the world from other people's perspectives. I have lived in 3 countries namely Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Namibia. I have also traveled to other countries on the continent which include Lesotho, Botswana, and Zambia - so I know how to say swear words in a few languages. I would tell you more about myself but I am also still trying to  gure out who I am. I am constantly learning new things about myself - for example, I recently learned that my last name means, ' a lion's den ' which I think is a bit cool. I also believe that we are forever evolving so by the time we meet maybe the version of me that is typing this would have ceased to exist and you will meet a newer and even better Takudzwa.

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Work Experience
Full Cream Design
Graphic Designer
Mar 2018 – Present
Durban, South Africa
Art Director Intern
Jan 2018 – Feb 2018
Durban, South Africa
Perfect Circle
Mar 2018 – Present
Durban, South Africa
Vega School of Brand Leadership
Graphic Design, Advertising, Branding, Illustration, Innovation, Design Thinking, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustration, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Indesign, UX/UI, Art Direction
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What makes me the best is that - I am a nice guy with kick ass design skills. I have lived in 3 countries for substantial periods of time which I hope can demonstrate my ability to adapt and thrive in multicultural environments.The experiences I have had; the places i have lived; the people I have seen – have helped me grow my empathy substansially. I think empathy is the BEST skill I have. It helps me in creative problem solving by everyday. It has taught me the importance of using a human centered. With that skill I am able to allow myself to see the world from endless perspectives by putting myself in the target audiences shoes.In conclusion, I do not think you will find another candidate with nearly as many knock knock jokes as I do. I do not think you will have another applicant as unique as I am, so please select me and you might not regret it.

1. Why are you interested in wgi?

There are three main reasons why I am interested in the Worlds Greatest Internship. Firstly, my purpose is to change the world through design but for me to do that, i need to see and know the world first. Unfortunately I have never been out of Africa. It is too expensive. Secondly, I acknowledge that I am still under experienced. WGI is a great opportunity for me to gain valuable experience from some of the top creatives in the world. Lastly, who would not be interested in the World's Greatest Internship? It is in the title - its the worlds greatest and I want to be a part of greatness.

2. What are you looking to gain from an experience such as WGI?

1. To learn and expand my creative knowledge. 2. To immerse myself in agency culture. 3. To see some of the most beautiful cities of the world. 4. To find new inspiration from these cities and their people. 5. To make life long friendships. 6. To learn swear words in a few more languages.

3. What would be your goals after completing WGI if you were selected?

1. To take away as much as possible from the experience and apply it in my work for the rest of my life. 2. To try get a job and expand on my experience (and maybe pay back student loans). 3. To continue seeking inspiration and creativity in other cities of the world in order to expand my perspective. 4. To try change the world in a positive way through my work.

4. How did you hear about wgi?

I saw a post about it on Instagram from one of the design pages I follow.

5. Share an example of a time you were most motivated and a time you were most demotivated.

**Most motivated** I was most motivated when i was part of the One Club creative boot camp competition. I was motivated because it was a competition. I can be competitive at times. I was also motivated because it was the first time working with creative directors from prestigious brands such as Beats by Dre. I had a feeling that the work we were creating in that competition was very important and that it was bigger than all of us. **Most demotivated** I was most demotivated when I was working on a project for a South African brand called Seef. I was demotivated because the director of the brand made us create three concepts, present to him and his board only to go with an idea his 11 year old son mentioned over dinner.

6. In your opinion, what creates a great culture at a company?

I think great company culture is human-centered. Policies and infrastructure are created around what the people need and want. I also think companies need a culture of encouragement and communication. A great idea can come from anyone within a company. It can come from an art director or it can come from an intern. A great company encourages dialogue that elevate everyone.

7. What brands and companies do you admire and why?

1. Apple - Apple used the tag line think different in the early 2000's, a tag line that has shaped a company thats not afraid to innovate and create human-centered products that change the world. 2. Maxhosa by Laduma - Laduma Ngxokolo is a South African fashion designer. He the identified the problem that African fashion was too westernized so he created a modern Xhosa-inspired knitwear collection that would be suitable for this market. 3. Tesla - Elon Musk famously said "when something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor". Even though the company is just over 10 years old, it is now a major player in the car industry because they truly believe in their vision to put an end to fossil fuel cars which are hurting our planet.

8. What do you do to stay sharp and improve your craft?

To stay sharp I offer freelance branding and adverting services to a few clients. As well as work on some personal projects which include writing poetry, making activism posters and creating videos.

9. What’s your favorite quote?

Feel the things that haven't been felt. Learn the things that haven't been taught. Fight the fights that haven't been fought. Think the things that haven't been thought. And create things that will blow your f*** mind. ***Spike Lee***

10. If you could solve one problem in the world what would it be?

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