Lucas Palhares

Graphic Designer
São Paulo, Brazil
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My name is Lucas, I am 22 years old, and I was born and raised in Belo Horizonte MG, Brazil. I consider myself privileged. Since my childhood, I was brought up in a harmonious, respectful and caring environment. My parents Emiliane and Arthur are physical educators and always had a way of living focused on well-being and constant development. After all, we came into this world to learn and develop our skills, abilities, and spirituality. I really appreciate the way they never spared e􀃠orts to provide everything for me and for my sister Gabriela. We got to experience freedom during our entire lives. We would walk to school, practice whichever sports we wanted to, study languages that we had interest in, always with their support. I attended one of the best private schools in Belo Horizonte, Colégio Marista Dom Silvério, where I started my academic studies and made true friends I carry with me to this day. I have always had an artistic vein. I was a sensitive kid and loved drawing. For me, the school's art class was really the high point of my education. At the age of 13, during high school, I found photography. My mom had a semi-professional camera, and I started taking some pictures in my room and posting them online. A reporter contacted me, and an interview about my work was published in a well-known newspaper in town, 3 times. At 14, I had my 􀃕rst photography exhibition, and, with my family support, I started working professionally with it. It was a really unique experience, to commit myself to real work and get my own money at such a young age. I always invested my coins in the things that I believed in, and I was able to buy a new camera, a computer, among other things that could improve my work each day. I also got involved with illustration, doing some hyper-realistic drawings. In the beginning, it was more of a hobby, but later I also started working with it on a small scale. It is nice to see that I have explored many di􀃠erent and more authorial styles along the way. Through experimentation, I could do more than just realistic drawings and that showed me that I can reinvent myself constantly. When I was 16, I went on a cultural exchange program in South Dakota, US. I often say that it was one of the experiences that made me grow the most. An American family hosted me for six months, in a really small town called Herreid. The reality there was completely di􀃠erent from mine, but I found it incredible to experience the daily life of another culture. Among all the challenges, I had to face the cold weather, be 􀃖exible and understanding about our cultural di􀃠erences, improve my English and, 􀃕nally, value the life that I have. These experiences became sources of learning that I carry with me, and leaving my comfort zone demanded a series of re􀃖ections that positively a􀃠ected my way of thinking. At 17, I was accepted in a top-ranked visual design course at ESPM in São Paulo, the biggest cosmopolitan city in Brazil. The college provided me with things beyond teaching (which, by the way, exceeded my expectations), it opened the doors to the market for me. ESPM holds an award called Emilie Chamie, in which I was awarded twice. The 􀃕rst one for Best Visual Identity and the second one for Best Portfolio. I also had my drawings featured in the university’s design magazine, which made me realize that all my hard work and dedication were beginning to pay o􀃠. In my second year of college, I was hired as an intern in the biggest women’s magazine in Latin America, CLAUDIA magazine. As my 􀃕rst professional experience in the design 􀃕eld, it was very important for me to understand how a big company works. I started executing basic activities, but soon, with the trust I earned, more responsibilities came. During the time I was working there, I was invited to illustrate for the magazine as a freelancer, and I am really proud to have had my drawings published in a magazine that prints over 􀃕ve hundred thousand copies per month. After a year working at CLAUDIA, I decided to look for other internship opportunities that could add di􀃠erent skills and perspectives to my work. I had the chance to do two other internships while I was in college. One of them at Bloco Grá􀃕co, a really small design studio where I learned a lot about editorial design and the book industry, and the other one at Tátil, a wellknown design studio based in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. At Tátil my job description was very di􀃠erent from the ones I had before. It was very focused on the corporate market, strategy and brands. I started working with Natura, a global cosmetics company that recently bought Avon and became the fourth biggest cosmetics company in the world. I worked with branding and visual communication, which gave me an interesting point of view on how design can be a strategic tool, and why big companies are so interested in investing in design. At Tátil, I was able to experience an o􀃞ce exchange. I went to Rio's o􀃞ce for two weeks to work on an institutional social media project, and it was nice to get to know Rio’s crew. I am honored to say that one of the projects I was involved at Tátil – UEBT label identity – was awarded in BDA (Brasil Design Award). They also encouraged me to work on my photography skills and as a result of that, I got to sell several pictures for Natura, which will be used in their magazine, communication, and packaging. Before I graduated, Tátil gave me the opportunity to be a Junior Graphic Designer and I am currently in this position. All of these experiences helped me form the personality I have today. Some characteristics that I emphasize when analyzing my personality are: I have a great touch with people, I am always attentive to detail, searching for di􀃠erent perspectives on ordinary things, I like to be surrounded by friends and colleagues, I am enthusiastic, I can solve problems treating them with persistence and 􀃕nding tangible results. I have a clear vision of what I want, I trace my goals, and I dedicate myself to reaching them. I consider that I am conceiving a successful journey. I learned as much as I could from my experiences, and I try to perform in the best possible way. Over the years, I have also established an important network; after all, meeting people is very valuable. I was able to attend one of the best colleges with high-level professionals. I could also receive advice on the job market, and this was priceless. I will follow this journey with great focus, willing to devote my time to studying and working with commitment. I am concentrated on absorbing the knowledge available, learning and sharing what I learn with my colleagues, and I am always looking for growth in this process.

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Tátil Design
Junior Designer
Oct 2018 – Present
São Paulo, Brazil
Bloco Gráfico
Apr 2018 – Jul 2018
São Paulo, Brazil
Revista Claudia
Oct 2018 – Present
São Paulo, Brazil
ESPM São Paulo
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Font Lab, Maya Software, Microsoft Office
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I truly believe I am a good fit for WGI. I have the desire to explore the world, and to get to know all kinds of people, cultures, and perspectives, always with empathy and benevolence. Being able to study abroad at 16 and moving to São Paulo at 17 years old – with all the responsibility and freedom that came with it – was very liberating for me. It represented a tremendous process of growth, and, most importantly, I was able to be authentically myself. I consider my mind opened to the world and all of its colors, and I have been given such amazing opportunities for which I am grateful.I believe that I have a lot to add to this program, and a lot to learn too. I will be 100% open to the people, work and everything else that might come with this experience. WGI can be a life-changing opportunity for me, and it would represent a big step in my career.Some of the skills that I would emphasize about my design ability are: multidisciplinarity, use of research and rational thinking, perceiving different points of view, use of experimental techniques in the design process, finding original ways to interpret a brief.I feel very prepared to take this chance if you are willing to give it to me. I consider my academic, professional and personal journeys to be very successful and meaningful. And I am ready for more!

1. Why are you interested in wgi?

The World's Greatest Internship is a unique opportunity to start an international career in the creative field. It takes a lot of effort and money for people to go out of their countries/continents to start a professional life. I have been researching schools, scholarships, and jobs around the globe, – especially in Europe because I recently got an Italian citizenship – for some time now. WGI can give me the chance to be in different countries, do internships in plural companies and, most importantly, to do great networking that could leverage my professional possibilities.

2. What are you looking to gain from an experience such as WGI?

WGI would be my first professional accomplishment abroad, and I think I have a lot to gain from this experience. Mixing cultures and different perspectives can really amplify my learning process and also make me grow as a person. I look forward to improving my English skills in a nuanced way; to learn specific grammar applied to design; to meeting competent people that can guide me and teach me things that are not in the books; to get to know more of other beautiful cultures and places around the world. I look forward to having real life experiences that will take my work to the next level, and I think WGI can definitely give me that.

3. What would be your goals after completing WGI if you were selected?

One of my main goals after completing WGI would be to look for job opportunities. I definitely see myself starting an international career and working with creativity, being a leader, doing meaningful work. In the future, with the learnings and maturity, I will continue to get along my way, I dream of having my own business, in any part of the world. Right now, I would really like to take the next step as a capable professional, and WGI would give me engines to keep pursuing my wishes.

4. How did you hear about wgi?

I recently started following @thebrandidentity and I saw the posts about WGI there.

5. Share an example of a time you were most motivated and a time you were most demotivated.

One of the things that most motivates me is to know that my work is being seen and spread to the world. That it may touch people and affect the way they see and interact with visual interfaces. I felt really motivated when I was working on Natura Cosmetics brand communication projects, because I got to really dive into big concepts, make them visual trough graphic design, and my work affected the way a company and a brand is seen by its public. One time I was very demotivated was when I was working at Bloco Gráfico because the opportunities were not been given to me. It was not the best experience because I was doing only mechanical work, and it felt like I was not being able to show my true self, work or abilities, even though I really wanted and tried to.

6. In your opinion, what creates a great culture at a company?

For me, there is a set of efforts that creates a great culture at a company. A really important thing is having a clear mission and defining values. Therefore, people can relate and believe in the work they are doing from the very beginning. Passionate employees energize the business, especially in the creative field. A company also has to be open to hearing everybody's voices, allowing the workers to have meaningful impact instead of following strict hierarchies. Teamwork is definitely one of the most important things to establish a good culture at a company. Creating inclusive, diverse and multidisciplinary teams and providing constructive feedback to its members are things that add a lot to the overall outcome of any kind of work. Finally, a business should always be aware and conscious about natural and social impact, creating ways of reducing waste, recycling, and engaging in social causes, among other things.

7. What brands and companies do you admire and why?

One of the brands that I admire the most is Natura, a giant Brazilian cosmetics company. I have been working with them for about a year now and I had the chance to learn and connect with their beliefs. I admire Natura because the company has a very solid plan of not degrading the environment, and they are genuinely committed to this cause. Natura was the first company to introduce refills in the Brazilian cosmetics sector; they have a program focused exclusively on the sustainable development of the Amazon region; they have a program to reduce/compensate the industry greenhouse gas emissions, and they do not test on animals. I believe the way we consume has changed. Companies cannot keep focusing only on getting the best profit, and consumers no longer tolerate brands that abuse people and biodiversity. I also see this consciousness in Everlane, an American fashion brand that also has my admiration. What is nice about Everlane is the transparency they have about their factories. They use sustainable materials; break down the costs of producing and transporting their clothing; produce high-quality products at affordable prices. Everlane takes a direction we hardly see in the fashion industry.

8. What do you do to stay sharp and improve your craft?

I am always pushing myself to improve my craft and stay sharp. It appears the world is running faster and faster and we have way too much information floating around. However, it is really a matter of where you look. Culture is definitely what makes us move forward and open our minds to what is out there. I have been committed to looking for courses, listening to podcasts, going on innovation and creative festivals, watching movies and going to every art gallery that I can. I am constantly searching for knowledge and inspiration because I believe that this is the path to become a better designer. I also believe that art and design walk together. Art brings us the inspiration, the concept, the reason to be, and design brings us the process, the strategy, the organizational part.

9. What’s your favorite quote?

Beyoncé is my religion and she once said: "I can never be safe; I always try and go against the grain. As soon as I accomplish one thing, I just set a higher goal. That’s how I’ve gotten to where I am." I relate to this quote because it taught me I can always dream big and take higher steps in my professional and personal life. Knowing that I am young and still have a long way ahead of me makes me motivated and curious about what is coming next.

10. If you could solve one problem in the world what would it be?

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