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I'm Inês von Hafe Pérez, a Portuguese graphic designer. I am the number one fan of my city, Oporto, and my country. I lived in Budapest, but currently I'm based in Sydney. I Facetime my mother and grandfather everyday.

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Work Experience
Made Agency
Freelance Designer
Sydney, Australia
Grow Creativity
Freelance Designer
Porto, Portugal
R2 Design Studio
Sydney, Australia
Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto
Identity, Art Direction, Branding, Graphic Design, Typography
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I am 23 years old and I am proud to say that I have collaborated with people from every background and intend on keep expanding that experience.I Graduated Communication Design at Oporto School of Fine Arts, while freelancing at Grow Creativity, where I worked with brands like Armani Beauty, Yves Saint Laurent and Lâncome. I was an intern at R2 Design Studio and I’m currently a designer at Made Agency in Sydney.I am passionate about what I do and I believe that design is not going to save the world, but it can definetely improve it.

1. Why are you interested in wgi?

My life goal is to design something in every continent in the world. WGI could be the perfect excuse.

2. What are you looking to gain from an experience such as WGI?

I hope to develop my professional skills, expand my cultural knowledge, do some network and meet people that will inspire me.

3. What would be your goals after completing WGI if you were selected?

Keep working in the design sector, which I am absolutely passionate about.

4. How did you hear about wgi?

The Brand Identity on Instagram.

5. Share an example of a time you were most motivated and a time you were most demotivated.

I was an intern at R2 Design in Portugal, they are probably one of my biggest design reference: they inspired me to always look for inspiration and references in architecture, art, nature. Working with them was truly motivating. Going through anatomy drawing in university was without a doubt my most demotivating time of my life.

6. In your opinion, what creates a great culture at a company?

Openess, the ability to talk and share experiences and cultural references.

7. What brands and companies do you admire and why?

Spotify helped reducing music piracy and has a huge sense of humour in their campaigns. Chanel because of its femininity, constant evolution but eternal timelessness.

8. What do you do to stay sharp and improve your craft?

Watch a lot of movies, travel every time I have the chance, listen to music, read books, go to every art exhibition I know about. Everything I see can and eventually is a source of inspiration.

9. What’s your favorite quote?

"Because I am the size of what I see And not the size of my own stature" - from my favourite author, Fernando Pessoa.

10. If you could solve one problem in the world what would it be?

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