Faith Kaufman

Graphic Designer
Chicago, IL
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I’m a Chicago-based graphic designer, interested in branding, concept-driven design, and multi-platform experiences. I spent 13 years studying and traveling for competitive dance to 􀃕nd that I actually prefer working behind the scenes. I love the feeling of creating something new, and 􀃕nd the greatest joy in determining the logistics, aesthetic, and strategy that can make an idea real. My mission as a designer is to use my visual communication skills to elevate under-appreciated ideas and visions.

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Work Experience
IA Collaborative
Graphic Designer
2018 – Present
Chicago, IL
Freelance Graphic Designer
2019 – Present
Chicago, IL
Lunar Gala
Creative Director
2018 – Present
Chicago, IL
Carnegie Mellon University
Graphic Design, Experiences, Creative Strategy
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I subscribe to the notion of specializing in “not specializing.” My greatest strength is my versatility, creating work that ranges from digital to experience to print. In my own practice, I’m often experimenting with different mediums and methods of communication. I attended Carnegie Mellon University so that I could study at the intersection of technology and the arts, graduating with a Communication Design Major, Human-Computer Interaction Major, Art Minor, and Media Design Minor. I’m a Jill of All Trades in the design process, and will jump in at any stage of a project.I’ve gained recognition in the design world for my work. I’ve been honored to be named a Graphic Design USA Student to Watch, Print Magazine RDA 2017 Regional Winner, AIGA PGH Judge's Choice Winner, and LinkedIn Intern for a Cause Fundraising Winner.I currently work at IA Collaborative in Chicago, doing Graphic Design, Branding, and UI for clients including Audi, Tyson, Capital Group, and Eli Lilly. I’ve previously worked as a Freelancer for Uber, a User Experience Design Intern on LinkedIn’s International Team, and a Digital Design Co-Op on Procter and Gamble’s Olay team.

1. Why are you interested in wgi?

The World’s Greatest Internship program appeals to me because of the opportunity to work with the agencies who define what our design field is. Each company has a unique perspective of design and delivers different approaches, including research-based discovery, strategic insights, transformative branding, emotional experiences, and more. I’d love to be a sponge for 6 months in these highly regarded offices, taking in as much as possible from their design processes and bouncing ideas off of their talented teams of designers. The 6 agencies are all places I’d love to work at, so it is nice that instead of having to choose just one, you get to experience them all.

2. What are you looking to gain from an experience such as WGI?

Since I already have a full-time job, I would be quitting for what I believe to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of interning with the best agencies today. Above all else, I am looking to expand my skill-set and mindset as a designer through being pulled in 6 different ways, designing for each studio’s unique needs. I’ve already worked with a fair share of real-world clients, but feel that these studio’s tend to have more creative briefs. I’d love to collaborate with their staffs, and produce works that help me grow into a better designer.

3. What would be your goals after completing WGI if you were selected?

6 months of travelling, learning different agency processes, and constant making is sure to change the way that a person sees and thinks. Given the chance to participate in WGI, I’d love to create a data visualization and design piece of what I learned in order to make connections and reflect on how it has changed my outlook. Already, I have learned to incorporate self-reflection into my work. I’ve found it has helped me improve my design process and learn more from my past experiences. When I was in school, I documented each step of a project in real-time and recorded self-reflections to understand my design decisions. Rather than keep it to myself, I published them on Medium, where I’ve been able to gain feedback from peers, and appreciation from people outside my direct community. Likewise, I’d like to share whatever I create following the experience, so that others might find it and learn from it too.

4. How did you hear about wgi?

I found out about last year’s WGI on social media, and followed their travels and studies on Instagram. Since I had missed the application period last year, I was excited to see that there would be another round this year.

5. Share an example of a time you were most motivated and a time you were most demotivated.

I have found that collaborative environments highly increase my level of motivation. I’ve always worked in studios: dance studios as a kid, fine arts studios as a teenager, and design studios in my adult life. I feel inspired and encouraged being in proximity to other creatives who are also following their passions. A specific time where I’ve been demotivated in the past was when the Polar Vortex hit Chicago. It was so cold that we couldn’t leave our homes for a few days. With windchill, it was colder than Mars ! During this time, I missed being able to work around people and take breaks outside.

6. In your opinion, what creates a great culture at a company?

Most important to creating a great culture is valuing diversity and community. I’ve always been happiest working on teams with people from different backgrounds, because we each bring a different worldview and skillset to the table. Additionally, everyone at work is happiest when they are able to input as much as they output, taking time for mental health, inspiration, and conversation.

7. What brands and companies do you admire and why?

I previously worked at LinkedIn, who I find to be ethical with data for a Silicon Valley tech giant. LinkedIn’s vision is “To create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.” On top of helping companies to find talent and applicants to find jobs, they have collected what they have learned into The Economic Graph. It is a digital representation of the global economy, so that they can spot trends by region and connect people to economic opportunity in new ways. An agency that I admire, HUSH, recently partnered with LinkedIn to create an interactive data visualization of the Economic Graph. By making an entry point into the data, there is a better chance that people can use the information to create positive change. I find it inspirational how the information is being collected and communicated through design. Other companies and brands that I admire are the New York Times, Slack, and Thinx.

8. What do you do to stay sharp and improve your craft?

I'm often working on side projects in order to have time for personal expression and improving my craft. A few of my favorites are the following: * A year-long exploration of color communication in book covers, made possible by the CMU School of Design Marilyn Meltzer Grant. I designed 10 new covers for 10 books of 10 different genres. I explored using color in photography, typography, and illustration for the covers. At the end of the project, I displayed the new covers alongside their originals in a gallery show. * Lunar Gala is one of the largest fashion events in Pittsburgh, having sold out over 1200 seats each year with 140+ CMU students involved in producing, designing, modeling, and dancing in the show. I creative directed the 2018 show, leading the design of all recruitment, advertising, and day of show materials. I loved figuring out how the brand played out across all print, web, motion and experience deliverables. I also learned how to scope, budget, and manage a project, bringing a concept all the way to fabrication. * A year-long project called Dinner pARTy, made possible by the CMU School of Art Interdisciplinary Grant. It was a community research project investigating and exploring unique ways of fostering diversity and inclusion within and beyond Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) through dinner parties. We planned 4 experimental dinners throughout the year. * A current fun side project I’m working on are monthly illustrations that I will assemble into a 2020 calendar at the end of the year.

9. What’s your favorite quote?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

10. If you could solve one problem in the world what would it be?

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