Welcome to the world's greatest internship

WGI is an open invitation for hybrid creatives, the lateral thinkers out there—part designer, writer, strategist, entrepreneur, artist, culture maker, and contributor. Those selected will embark on a paid six month journey working at top creative companies doing top work.

Interns will dive headfirst into a creative cornucopia. Less photocopies, more pinning sessions, a few more lost in translations. A better, well-rounded creative endeavor that’ll prepare emerging talent the way traditional internships simply cannot.

WGI is real work. Think multidisciplinary, multicultural. Less account chasing, more collaboration. Same high creative bar. WGI is a new model for an industry that’s changing.

Applying to WGI guarantees your application will be reviewed by top people at great companies all over the world. No algorithms, key words, or special filters. Just people. Excellent, human people, reviewing excellent, human work.

Top selects will become members of the WGI Talent Network, where creative companies are continually looking for exceptional emerging talent on an ongoing basis.

Edition 3 — 2021

The Stops — Who You'll be working with

Edition 3 Details

Applications have closed and our Edition 3 interns have been selected! Congratulations to:

Zachery Eng in Toronto, Canada
Kyle Kemink in Johannesburg, South Africa
Parker Metcalf in Austin, Texas, USA
Yuqin Ni in Los Angeles, CA, USA via Shanghai, China

Edition 3 has begun:

June 1 – July 30

Butchershop in San Francisco, USA

Gretel in New York, USA

August 2 – September 30

Hybrid Design in San Francisco, USA

Rice in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

October 1 – November 30

Prophet in New York, USA

DixonBaxi in London, UK

Free to apply—so get on it!

Past editions

Edition 2: 2019

Butchershop in San Francisco
Character in San Francisco
Gretel in New York
Koto in Berlin, London, Los Angeles
Listen in Chicago
Prophet in New York
W2O in San Francisco

Edition 1: 2018

Butchershop in San Francisco
COLLINS in New York
Made Thought in London
Base in Brussels
Parkside in Graz
Re in Sydney

Bonjour! The Factry Experience

The WGI internship will kick off with 1 week at Factry in Montréal, Quebec, Canada, one of the cultural capitals of the world. Factry is a school of creative sciences that focuses on the soft skills and strategies that bring big ideas to life. After participating in workshops that open your eyes to new ways of problem solving, you'll leave with a tool box full of techniques to take with you on your 6 month journey, ensuring you have what you need to confidently and creatively build the future.

Globe Trottin' and Show Stoppin'

WGI’s cohort of interns will be divided into pairs. Each pair will spend 2 months at each agency before moving to the next stop. 2 months x 3 agencies totalling 6 months. Interns are paid and travel and lodging expenses are covered by the program.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

You will receive mentorship from creative leaders, support from the WGI team who will assist you through the entire journey, advice from past WGI interns, access to events, and connections to some of the smartest people in the industry.

From Past WGI Interns

Maddy Carrucan
Edition 1

There are so many people I’ve met along this journey who have had a tremendous influence on me and my craft. I still have so much to learn and so long to go–but I feel as though I’m tentatively coming into my own in as a writer. In copywriting, you often only have one shot, and only a few words, to say something big, complex, beautiful.

Whitney Badge
Edition 1

I would ask myself a series of “what if” questions and answer them visually as many ways as I could, regardless of whether it was good or bad. I wasn’t scared of making, I was excited and energized by the process and somehow I showed up to the first brainstorming session with pages upon pages of ideas.

Marco Cousins
Edition 2

Prior to WGI I was beginning to feel stagnation in my current roles and was longing for a change of pace. This was DEFINITELY that. Being able to gain experience within reputable agencies, working with amazing designers, and meeting creatives from all different backgrounds is such a unique experience that not many people get. This journey has helped to remind me that there is truly no one way or path to becoming a great designer.

Qiang Wang
Edition 2

Being a part of the program has benefited me in tremendous ways. WGI is a bridge that has connected me to people, places, and experiences that I wouldn’t otherwise have knowledge of or access to. In the past few months, I have been able to work with and learn from some of the greatest creative minds while expanding my professional network.

Es Youn
Edition 2

WGI has given me the opportunity to rapidly grow as a designer within three very different agencies. Living in new cities and being part of different work cultures allowed me to see the design industry in a broader perspective and beyond my comfort zones. It has expanded my goals and purpose as a designer after seeing the different examples of the humanity and ambitions that drive the creative industry.

Hannah Small
Edition 2

WGI has had a profound impact on me as a designer and person. The experience has taught me the importance of openness, generosity and adaptability. I previously felt overwhelmed by the thought of working and living outside my comfort zone—this experience has made me feel braver and more resilient.

Na Rojanusorn
Edition 2

WGI gave me a fantastic opportunity to learn about design and creative businesses in a short period of time. It's something really useful for a young creative who is just starting out as it helped me identify where I really want to be in the near future. I got to explore how to apply my craft in new areas, challenge myself, learn to collaborate better and get to know so many creatives and designers along the way who not only taught me about design but also culture and ways of living.

Kinzie Burke
Edition 2

WGI has given me the ability to explore different environments and cities, company structures, and cultures. This has been invaluable before moving into a full-time job because it helps me identify what does and does not resonate with me in different job aspects. The internship has also helped me identify how to become a better leader, listener, designer, and person. Exploring multiple environments helped me grow as a creative by harnessing inspiration from surrounding environments and pushing me out of my comfort zone.

Tom Lander
Edition 2

Never have I so quickly felt like I found my tribe as I did when I found the other interns of WGI. People that I gelled with immediately, people that pushed me to be better creatively, and people that pushed me to be a better version of me. It isn’t just the team at WGI that help you to grow, but the agencies that you work with as well. Wonderfully welcoming with a healthy dose of real life experience and stress, working for some of the best creative agencies in the world is an incredibly fun look behind the curtain of great design and branding.

frequently asked questions

Is this a paid opportunity?

Yes, if you are selected for World's Greatest Internship you will be compensated.

Where is it taking place?

For Edition 3, World’s Greatest Internship (WGI) is a remote experience. Creatives will work with top global companies from the comforts of their own homes.

What creative companies are involved?

Butchershop, DixonBaxi, Factry, Gretel, Hybrid Design, Prophet, and Rice are involved in World's Greatest Internship Edition 3.

If I am chosen for edition 3, will I get a job after it is over?

A job is not guaranteed after the program.

How can I increase my chances of being chosen?

The more we know about you, your craft, and your real world experience, the better your chances. We are looking for creatives that embody the modern creative—someone who has an entrepreneurial spirit and doesn't wait to be told what to do.

How long will the Program last?

6 months. 2 months with each location company.

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