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The WGI Talent Network was made for companies large and small that care about finding the right creatives eager to start their careers. Because let’s face it, the traditional methods of finding talent through job boards, job fairs, and recruiters—and paying their premiums—just doesn’t cut it.

Vetted by respected and top innovative global agencies

Direct 1:1 communication with creatives in the network

Reduced time spent screening candidates

Global Attraction. Industry expertise.

World's Greatest Internship has attracted thousands of diverse emerging creatives from 32 countries. Our agency partners help us review applicants and curate a community of exceptional talent.

Our partners know the difference between making good and great creative decisions, in business and hiring.

Our Partners

We're proud to be offering a special opportunity with Factry, a school of creative sciences, located in Montreal. Factry teaches creatives to find new solutions to contemporary challenges.

Once you've found your next hot-shot, our friends at Factry have offered a generous discount to enroll any new hire in a custom workshop tailored for the WGI community.

Your new hire will leave the workshop with a tool box full of new techniques and mindsets, ensuring s/he has the confidence to co-create the future with your company. You and your team can even join for a fraction of the normal cost—leveling up together!

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Talent Match Success Stories

Maddy Carrucan + COLLINS

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Maddy interned at COLLINS NY during WGI Edition 1. In her role as copywriter, she wrote a brand manifesto that blew Brian Collins away—he stopped the entire office in its tracks so that he could read it aloud. After finishing the WGI program, Maddy was offered a full-time position as COLLINS first ever in-house copywriter. She said yes.

Whitney Badge + Character

Whitney, a WGI Edition 1 pioneer, completed her 6 month journey and returned to NY to work with the MOMA. Shortly after, she was spotted by our partner Character for her abilities to strategically express a brand through graphic design and is now a part of their NY office.

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