New York, NY

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New York…what can be said about New York that hasn’t already been said a million times before. I got to experience so much amazing food, art, and fashion during my time there AND got the opportunity to work at one of my dream studios.

I've been interested in working at Gretel since I saw the Viceland rebrand they did a few years ago and having this opportunity fall into my lap felt perfect! I got to work side by side with award-winning designers as a part of the team. I also got the chance to learn more about the freelance world and what makes a brand truly have the legs to go the distance!

While the art, food, and events were all great (like fucking amazing, truly). One thing that I really valued was being able to spend time with my fellow WGI-ers Qiang, Hannah, and Es and getting to know them better over delicious shared meals and learning and relearning how to navigate the subways for train rides to unique sights unseen.

I could say so much more in this post but like I said before, what's there to say that hasn't already been said? And with that I'll leave short, sweet, and to the point. I love NY. I really do, and until we meet again, the fond memories will stick with me for a lifetime.

P.S. Onward and upwards to Koto LA!

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