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A venture capital firm is something that I would not have ever signed up for. It seems so financial oriented and math-related that totally scares the shit out of me. But being at Listen for two months opened up so many doors for me and totally changed my mind.

Listen is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage consumer brands. They back and build brands of the future and hope one day those brands turn into the next multi-billion dollar businesses making a killing in returns. I didn’t really understand how it works until recently I finally did. YAY!

The risk to invest in these companies are high, and that's why deep research is mandatory focusing on consumer behavior, cultural trends, market growth, competitors, law and legislation and of course design and advertising. I have been designing for quite a while, but I've never had access to this much information before. There are just so many decks about different markets and brands that I love to read and go through, trend prediction books, revenue, and numbers to new and innovative products being brought into the office every week.

Being exposed to these alone is so fascinating to me, but having all the experts around you is the next level. They just know so much and I always feel stupid asking them questions. But, I have learned so much from that stupidity. These things are not only great creative inputs for my design but also making me live my life critically and understanding people around me better.

After a while being at a VC firm, now everything VC interests me. I recently just finished an audiobook Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber by Mike Issac. It talks about the rise and fall of Uber one of the biggest players in Silicon Valley. It’s unexpectedly interesting and I have learned a lot about the VC and start-up world.


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