Everything is a Work in Progress

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Some specific themes have been reoccurring in all the places I've been and the projects I've had the chance to work on lately. And because I keep noticing these themes, that means they're important and I should continue to look out for them and the places they may lead me.

To be more specific, I've had multiple interactions with gradients and building blocks across all the studios I've been at so far. My first interaction with these elements was at Butchershop while working on a branding project for a new company. The initial direction I was helping to develop focused on creating connections via the brand elements and using them as building blocks. But the direction that ended up catching the eye of the client was a gradient that radiated from the main icon.

The next instance of interaction with these elements was upon our arrival to Gretel. The project I was placed on was for a long standing company that was in the market for a rebrand after having the same look for over 40 years! My team had developed 2.5 (meaning 1 and 2 and 2b) directions they were focused on and again, the direction I landed was the one that incorporated building blocks coming together to form the new brand and represent the creative components that they develop for the people who then use those parts to create something entirely different.

Now, touching down at the last stop of Koto's Los Angeles office, the gradient finds me again as a piece in one of the direction proposals they are working for a v cool human-centered company. The gradient presents itself to me again and again.

I wonder what this means for me, for design trends, for ideas? I think it speaks to this whole experience and how things are constantly changing and becoming something new. Koto has just set up shop in their new space and it's very cool. Seeing this and working constantly with pieces is a reminder that EVERYTHING is a work in progress. It's definitely reaffirming to see and notice but how does it translate in a way that I can use to grow myself into the person I want to be, in the direction I want to go?

I'm well on my way to finding out!

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