Edition 3 Recap with Zachery Eng


Before we graduate from University, there is an inclination that we should know what we want to do, and where we want to be. I, for one, did not. There were way too many avenues within my field that I wanted to explore and I had very minimal experience to determine what kind of company or agency would suit me best. Being able to take part in this round of the World's Greatest Internship gave me the tremendous opportunity to not only gain valuable experiences and knowledge, but it also opened my eyes to understand what I should consider when looking for my next opportunity - from company culture, structure and values.

Butchershop Creative: Conceptual work for The Rock Creek Group. Creative Direction: Britt Hull.

Through the internships, I discovered that workplace culture is important to me. I found a company's environment can highly influence a job's experience and can either encourage a long-term stay or a speedy exit. Getting to go to three amazing design studios back-to-back gave me a better sense of what kind of workplace I would connect best with. I discovered how much I truly valued transparency and open communication amongst my peers. A great example is my experience at Butchershop, where I felt open to share my thoughts and free to verbalize my opinions. Their ability to triage information seamlessly throughout the company, all the way down to the interns, crafted a warm and inclusive atmosphere where no one felt excluded. No matter how new you were to the agency, you could easily learn how the office worked and automatically felt connected.

Butchershop Creative: Conceptual work for The Rock Creek Group. Creative Direction: Britt Hull.

What made this experience phenomenal was its ability to get us to try different types of studios. From a big company to a small agency, I experienced a wide range of perspectives on how different companies are structured overall. At a large-scale agency, your team is composed of a diverse range of expertise that may include Project Managers, Creative Directors, Engagement and Digital Managers, etc, allowing you to focus on your specialized area. Additionally, you have the opportunity to work on large clients which can be fun. At a smaller scaled agency like Hybrid, there are more chances to work on projects that give you more creative liberty. With a smaller team, there are more opportunities to wear different hats and touch all parts of a project from research, strategy, conceptualization, down to execution. I felt that the liberty in my design work while I was at Hybrid, which was a better fit for my work style as I ultimately enjoy being a part of all stages of a project and having a lot of creative freedom.

Hybrid Design: Conceptual work for Pinterest. Creative Direction: Brett Newman.

Lastly, I want to touch on the importance of being in a workplace that aligns with your own values and, for me, that is social awareness and wellness. Everybody needs a good work-life balance. I learned this during my time at Prophet. As an intern, it felt amazing to be supported by the company I was working for. They champion balance and rest for their employees as demonstrated by them choosing to close their offices on the last Friday of each month. My highest praise for Prophet, however, is in their commitment to giving back to the community. I had always hoped to be part of a workplace that contributes to and understands the social impact of nonprofits and charities. Working for a place that upholds these kinds of philanthropic acts is something I would take pride in as an employee, let alone as an intern.

Hybrid Design: Conceptual work for Pinterest. Creative Direction: Brett Newman.

It’s okay to not know what you want to do right away. It’s all a journey and everyone starts somewhere. The more experiences that you let yourself surrender to, the more you’ll get to understand about yourself and what you ultimately desire. In half a year, I got to experience a variety of amazing workplaces that had different cultures, different structures, that held different values; gaining invaluable experiences and bringing me steps closer to discovering what I want to do with my career thanks to the help of the World's Greatest Internship.

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