Edition 3 Recap with Yuqin Ni


Six months passed by so quickly and I have experienced an incredible journey with 3 studios. Personally, the most amazing thing about this opportunity is that it showed me what it’s like to work in a design studio and how different it could be working in different studios, which helps a lot for the planning of my future career.

A lot of things are fun, fresh, unexpected, and challenging. I’m glad that I was able to adapt to the brand-new character and tried to get the best out of them.

Gretel is my first stop and it’s a grand opening for me. I was lucky to get deep in design there. As my first peek into the studio world, it’s lush, colorful, and very dream-like. Longer or shorter, I worked on three client projects there. The type of the clients, the stages of the projects, the sizes of the teams, and the pace of the work are all very different, which is a really good intro for me. I tried all kinds of design work from icons to mural arts, from concept sketches to art direction. It’s really good to feel the range and find out what I’m good at, what I still need to improve in. Also, everything at Gretel is super organized and efficient, this is one of my favorite things about Gretel.  

Working setup during gretel, US

Gretel Meeting!

As the second stop, Rice was a very special experience for me. The two months there are not only about design but also about culture and communication. As a Vietnam design studio where people from all over the world work together, it gave me the chance to be exposed to a new culture and make friends from the new culture. The fresh perspective I got in culture and design is very precious and I don’t think I have many chances like this in my life.

Rice Interns — Parker Dancing

On top of this, I did feel the charm of communication here. At rice, people spend time talking with each other, from work to life. They care about building genuine relationships and finding the truth about design. You could see their passion and love for design, which touched me a lot. I wish I could cherish the same passion for my work after ten or twenty years.

Rice Meeting

Last but not least, I just finished my internship at DixonBaxi. This is the hardest one for me because we have a big time difference and they are working in-house. But with the warm help and care from London, I had a really good time and enjoyed my work here. I worked on two very exciting projects, the close teamwork and the efficient working process are all very inspiring to me.

DixonBaxi — Weekly Stand Up

One thing I appreciated a lot is that DB set many daily coffee talks with different team members for me, from which I learned many unexpected things–– from culture to career stories, from hobbies to design. The team members are working in different roles in the studio, are from different countries, are indifferent career and life stages; the talks could go into really different directions, but wherever they went, I found them meaningful.

I have gained so much along this journey: I feel more of an adult; My English speaking skills have improved a lot; I learned how important the consistent passion is for my future career… I am so grateful to all the people I met along the journey and I will keep going and try to be a better designer and a person with all the kindness I received and all the things I learned.

My quarantine hotel window view during Rice, Shenzhen, China

Weekend trip during DB

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