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My name is Chris Mence and as a Graphic Designer who engages product, motion and editorial design. I want to help push creative boundaries by exploring different social and cultural contexts so that to create unique experiences through communicating across multiple media and applications.

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Chelsea College of Art & Design
I am currently learning about digital design as I try to acquire additional skillsets and certificates while participating in online activities. No awards yet but, I think that my priority is commercial led.
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I believe that I can bring a new diverse perspective but, also I am not perfect. I think there's a lot of pressure in society to prove your worth whereby navigating what that is and I guess that I am critical of gatekeepers and the status quo that dictate us.

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My name is Chris Mence and as a Graphic Designer who engages product, motion and editorial design. I want to help push creative boundaries by exploring different social and cultural contexts so that to create unique experiences through communicating across multiple media and applications.

1. What's the most courageous thing you've ever done?

I wish to so something courageous but, in noticing bad things in the world; it can be a tricky task to have fun in life but, the most courageous thing that I like to achieve is to try and gain opportunities to help make life less boarding and more fun. So that I can surprise the unexpected as I like to describe my personality in being spontaneous and eccentric. I am aware that this isn't really the thing but, what is the thing? The activity or experience?

2. How are creativity and innovation related?

Without Goggling creativity and innovation, Creating is the form of innovation even by relying on historical contexts; as you can change and reconstruct conventional ideas as something new because it is the matter of perspective in how one decides to innovate.

3. Why do companies need clarity and creativity?

I think that creativity can help to visualise clarity but, for clarity, it is focused, by the nature of communications. I believe that when we are living within the multicultural society: It is the matter of figuring out how to get the message across as visual communicators. My answer isn't that companies need clarity and creativity but, to define how to communicate with those principles.

4. You have 30 minutes of free time. What do you do with it?

Do I have 30 minutes of free time to write this question? I used time so fluidly that I find it hard to keep track as I like to explore different things so to be inspired and busy with facing things that are familiar and unfamiliar. If I was, writing that I would just put the tv on and watch Netflix or that I would scroll on social media: I would preassume that you assumed I am lazy. So I don't really like this idea of stereotyping people though expressing their habits in writing this and, even if I am prejudice of them for doing it, it is quite unfair to make harsh judgements when in honestly most people like to put their foot up. By writing this application, You can probably tell that I bloody enjoy thinking a lot about what I like to write and so whatever assumptions you made of me with stating what I would do in 30 minutes. It's either making up b*llshit in the attempt of gaining the job or authenticity that could appear not relevant.

5. What is one risky and bold goal in life you have? Or, if you could dedicate your life to solving one problem, what would it be?

I had a traumatic and unsettlingly upbringing and, so I like to escape that past and try to help people in being apart of the creative industry. I think the one problem that I am facing is to be accepted and included as my risk is to put myself out there. So that I can make sense with what goals are as the young person, and not just expected by others but, by self-determination to be fulfilled by efforts of making achievements and even failures.

6. Explain your creative process

As the generalist, I have been exploring different creative practices while attending university. I would say it depends on what expected as the creative process in different practice-led environments: as everyone operates differently. I would say that as life learner, I am developing my skillsets to explore how to view what my creative process is. I can say, that I like the researching, production and delivery parts but mostly at the front end development in concern of visual communications I would say.

7. What is the best advice that you have been given?

Believe it until you archive it - Chris Do If I can add the other quote that I wish was given to me? Work your ass off. Don't be an asshole - Stefan Sagmeister

8. What is your definition of creativity?

What a silly question. Is this answer creative? Perhaps this is how I define creativity or even how you might define how I am creative.

9. What 10 songs are on your favorite playlist right now?

Long Road Home, Oneohtrix Point Never. Time, Arca. Midnight City, M83. Faceshopping, Sophie. TSLAMP, MGMT. Your Time, Zammuto. Burn the Witch, Radiohead. Dayzed Inn Daydreams, Ariel Pink. Redbone, Childish Gambino. Cellophane, FKA Twigs

10. How do you want people to remember you?

I want to grow my reputation as it would be good to receive positive impressions, in reality, it's hard to be the people pleaser when compromising between authenticity and sense of impostorism. I like Kevin Kelly's 1000 fan theory as I would like diehard fans to appreciate my work but, the tricking thing is that I am just a designer and not the celebrity. I am saying that I love to make connections though hopefully inspiring people to be a fan of what I do and, I am aware that we are living with the social media era. Admittedly I struggled with figuring out how to win people over as I like to make friends, not followers. As I try to progress within my career: I hope that people can at least listen to my strong opinions as it is hard to predict how you want people to like you because of different values and prejudices.

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